Wine Research & Education

It’s just fermented grape juice; and yet, the world can be tasted in your wine glass. We love to explore the fascinating landscape of wines from across the globe, tasting and learning along the way.

Wine Classes

Terroir Wines is currently offering wine tasting classes for the public through the fabulous Start Fresh Kitchen in Kelowna. Check out our upcoming classes here.

Our consultants also offer a variety of wine workshops to hospitality businesses, from basic server wine training to customized training for chefs and managers.

Wine Research & Writing

As academics and wine lovers, we enjoy researching the latest science in the world of wine and presenting it to the industry in a digestible format. Our strong backgrounds in development, marketing, sensory evaluation and land use power our primary research. From tasting panels to appellation development, we are in the business of bringing knowledge to other wine professionals and the public. Check out some of our recent projects and publications here.