Darcen Esau

Darcen is a market researcher specializing in both consumer behavior and sensory evaluation. With over a decade of experience designing and implementing research studies, he recently completed his Masters at the University of British Columbia Okanagan where he studied the sensory experience of wine and how this impacts consumer decision making. Specifically, his research explored how identifying with a wine label goes beyond increasing appeal and purchase intent and can actually impact the taste of the wine.

Darcen is also a partner and the head of research for a new company called TasteAdvisor (tasteadvisor.co). The TasteAdvisor App recommends B.C. wine, wineries, events and experiences all based on your preferences and your personal sensory profile.

Previously, as the Associate Vice President at Ipsos, he designed and implemented consumer behaviour and product understanding studies for clients throughout North America. As an experienced moderator and facilitator, this included dozens of qualitative projects, including focus groups, IDI’s, shop-alongs, and ethnographies. Additionally, he has designed and conducted dozens of quantitative studies, many of which utilize advanced analytics like Implicit Association, TURF, Discrete Choice Modelling and MaxDiff.

As a Panel Leader for Sensory Spectrum Inc., he led descriptive analysis panels to understand the sensory experience of consumer products, a skillset he continues to implement with wine panel research across Canada.

Connect with Darcen on Twitter @DarcenEsau