Terroir Consulting is a wine-focussed  professional consultancy providing research and development services, managed by partners Arnica Rowan and Darcen Esau and supported by several specialist sub-contractors.


Arnica Rowan, BCom, MA, WSETDip Candidate: strategic planning and business development, market research, branding, marketing, label design, wine analysis, portfolio planning
Darcen Esau, BA, BMgt, MA: market research, consumer and sensory research, marketing, industry events

Current Sub-Contractors

Chea Elton, BA., MA: research

Jordan Kubek, EnCert: winemaking, vineyard management

Krissy Neilsen, BJourn, WSETDip Candidate: hospitality training, marketing, wine clubs

Lindsay Kelm: communications, PR, social media

Linsey Reimer: graphic design, label design

Rhys Pender, MW: wine professional education, wine analysis

Ruth King, B.SC., EnCert, WSET3: wine export, winemaking

Sonal Singh, B.Sc., WSET3: social media

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Arnica Rowan

Arnica is a researcher, strategist, educator and writer with a passion for wine.  Arnica spent eleven years teaching and researching at two Canadian colleges and a US university. Her specialty was business, with focuses in change management and sustainability. She was awarded the top post-secondary teaching award in Alberta for Innovation in Teaching, and was … Continue reading Arnica Rowan

Darcen Esau

Darcen is a market researcher specializing in both consumer behavior and sensory evaluation. With over a decade of experience designing and implementing research studies, he recently completed his Masters at the University of British Columbia Okanagan where he studied the sensory experience of wine and how this impacts consumer decision making. Specifically, his research explored … Continue reading Darcen Esau