The Evolution of White Wines in la Rioja

With one of the strongest wine region brands in the world, the Denominación de Origen Calificada de la Rioja (Rioja DOCa) is synonymous with big, hearty, red tempranillo wines. Although the region has invested substantial vineyard space into growing white varietals, the international and domestic reputations of la Rioja do not include quality white wine. With a global market thirsty for drinkable, lighter wines, how can this traditional area compete for its slice of the fresh wine market? 

This paper written by Terroir Consulting’s Arnica Rowan discusses the changes la Rioja’s current wine suite, changing international and domestic beverage preferences, the current actions the region is taking to meet market demand, and how it can pivot to retail its white wines while retaining brand dominance.

White Paper: The Evolution of White Wines in la Rioja