What do 19-34 Years Olds Like to Drink?

Using Sensory Evaluation to Determine the Attributes that Drive Preference of Red Wine among 19-34 Years Olds

Descriptive sensory words are commonly used to describe wine (i.e. Berry Flavour), however, it may be difficult to articulate exactly what it is about a wine that most contributes to liking or disliking. Wine consumers between the ages of 19-34 have become an important force in the market for wine, now consuming and purchasing more wine than any other generation. Despite their significance in the wine market, little is known about the sensory attributes that drive their consumption. Darcen is currently working on a study that seeks to determine the sensory attributes (descriptive terms) that drive a positive sensory experience of red wine in 19-34 year olds. As part of the study, he used a panel of wine experts in both the Okanagan and Montreal to develop a sensory profile for various red wines that represent a wide range of sensory characteristics. 

Research has been submitted for academic publication.